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BlockJoy Secures $11M to Launch Decentralized Blockchain Ops

• BlockJoy, a whitelabel blockchain nodes-as-a-service startup, recently closed nearly $11 million in combined Seed + Series A funding.
• The funding will be used to support the launch of BlockVisor, the company’s patented node management software.
• BlockJoy offers customers the ability to deploy and run decentralized blockchain nodes on any infrastructure while maintaining a cloud-like experience at up to 80 percent cost reduction from traditional cloud providers.

BlockJoy Secures $11M From Gradient Ventures and Draper Dragon

BlockJoy, a whitelabel blockchain nodes-as-a-service startup co-founded by Helium’s early founding team member, recently closed nearly $11 million in combined Seed + Series A funding from Gradient Ventures, Draper Dragon, Dragon Roark, Active Capital, Borderless HNT, and Renegade Ventures.

Launch Of Decentralized Blockchain Operations

The funds will be used to support the launch of BlockVisor: the company’s patented node management software that is now open for beta sign-ups. With this technology customers are able to deploy and run decentralized blockchain nodes on any infrastructure while still enjoying a cloud-like experience at up to 80% cost reduction compared to traditional cloud providers.

Efficiently Operate Nodes For Staking And APIs

BlockJoy is building an Web3 version of AWS on decentralized infrastructure that is designed specifically for enterprises running nodes for staking and APIs as a service. This efficient solution reduces operational costs by providing a straightforward point-and click user interface (UI) for easy operation.

Lack Of Decentralized Infrastructure Suitable For Blockchains

The lack of available decentralized infrastructures suitable for blockchains was the driving force behind BlockJoy’s creation. They provide reliable node management solutions that enable customers to benefit from more cost effective services without sacrificing quality or security measures.

Benefits Of Using BlockVisor Node Management Software

Using the BlockVisor node management software offers several advantages including reduced operating costs without compromising safety or efficiency. Additionally, it provides users with an intuitive UI that makes running blockchains easy even for those who are not tech savvy. Lastly, it can help companies save time by automating routine tasks such as configuration and maintenance operations.

Ethereum Liquid Staking Derivative Coins and NFTs: What Do The Fundamentals Say?

• Ethereum Liquid Staking Derivative coins are the hottest topic of 2023, seeing massive volumes and skyrocketing prices.
• NFTs are also seeing a sustained increase in investment, with multiple consecutive weeks of high volumes.
• Martin Lee from Nansen helps us interpret the on-chain data and offers insight into how long the current trend will last.

The world of cryptocurrency has been abuzz with news of Ethereum Liquid Staking Derivative coins, with prices skyrocketing and massive volumes being seen. Lido, Frax Shares, and Rocket Pool are some of the names that have been on everyone’s lips. But that’s not all. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are also seeing a sustained increase in investment, with multiple consecutive weeks of high volumes.

To make sense of the data and to gain some insight into the future outlook of the market, we caught up with Martin Lee, Head of Research at Nansen. Martin provided us with a comprehensive look at the current trends and explained the potential implications of the current state of the market.

“The Ethereum Liquid Staking Derivative coins have been the talk of the town this year,” Martin began. “What we’re seeing is unprecedented activity and investment in the space, with prices continuing to rise and volumes on the rise. This is a trend that could potentially continue for some time, though it’s important to keep an eye on the fundamentals as well.”

He went on to explain that the NFT market is also showing signs of sustained growth. “NFTs have been a hot topic for some time, but we’re now seeing sustained investment in the space. This could potentially be the start of a long-term trend, though it’s important to keep an eye on the fundamentals here too.”

When asked about the potential for the current trend to last, Martin explained that it largely depends on the fundamentals. “The fundamentals are key here. If the underlying fundamentals are strong, then we could see this trend continuing for some time. However, if the fundamentals are weak, then we could see a rapid reversal of the current trend.”

In conclusion, Martin emphasized that while Ethereum Liquid Staking Derivative coins and NFTs have been the talk of the town this year, it is important to keep an eye on the fundamentals. If the underlying fundamentals remain strong, then we could see the current trend continuing for some time. However, if the fundamentals are weak, then a rapid reversal of the current trend is possible.

SEC Charges 8 with Stealing $45M from Crypto Investors in CoinDeal Scam

• The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged eight individuals and organizations with stealing $45 million from investors via their CoinDeal cryptocurrency project.
• The defendants include Neil Chandran, Michael Glaspie, Garry Davidson, Linda Knott, Amy Mossel, AEO Publishing Inc, Banner Co-Op, Inc, and BannersGo, LLC.
• The SEC alleges that the suspects fraudulently obtained money from investors and used it to purchase real estate, cars, and a boat.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently took action against eight individuals and entities accused of perpetrating a crypto fraud that has cost investors over $45 million. The SEC alleges that Neil Chandran, Michael Glaspie, Garry Davidson, Linda Knott, Amy Mossel, AEO Publishing Inc, Banner Co-Op, Inc, and BannersGo, LLC were involved in a scam called CoinDeal, a fraudulent cryptocurrency investment program.

The SEC alleges that the defendants used CoinDeal to solicit investments from consumers and then used those funds for their personal gain, such as purchasing real estate, cars, and a boat. The SEC also claims that the defendants made false representations about the safety of the investments and the potential profits that could be earned. The SEC also alleges that the defendants have been operating CoinDeal since 2018 and have been able to steal over $45 million from investors.

The SEC is seeking to halt the fraud and has also requested a permanent injunction against the defendants, as well as civil penalties, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, and other relief. The SEC is also asking the court to impose a freeze on the assets of the defendants so that investors can be compensated for their losses.

This is not the first time the SEC has taken action against fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes. In recent years, the SEC has gone after a number of operations that have been accused of defrauding investors. This includes the now infamous case of BitConnect, a Ponzi scheme that cost investors millions. The SEC has also gone after a number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) that have been found to be fraudulent.

The SEC’s move to hold the defendants in the CoinDeal case accountable is a strong signal to would-be crypto fraudsters that the agency is serious about cracking down on such fraudulent schemes. The SEC is committed to protecting investors and will continue to take action against those who seek to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

XRP Investment Products See Record Inflows of $433M Despite Volatility

• Despite the tumultuous market conditions, XRP investment products experienced record inflows of $433 million in 2022.
• Bitcoin’s inflows were the third-worst year with $287 million.
• Multi-asset investment products recorded inflows of $209 million.

Despite the intense market volatility in 2022, there was a surprising uptick in investment products involving the digital asset XRP. According to a recent report from CoinShares, the total inflow of XRP investment products was recorded at an impressive $433 million. This marks the highest level of inflow for XRP investment products since 2018, when the figure stood at $233 million.

In contrast, Bitcoin saw its third-worst year for inflows with a total of $287 million. This is after the asset plummeted by well over 60% earlier this year. Multi-asset investment products also saw a decline in inflow, recording only $209 million.

The report further noted that despite the tepid price action of the crypto-asset, investors remained optimistic and chose to tactically increase their positions during periods of price weakness. This is likely due to the continued development of the XRP ecosystem, which has seen the addition of new projects and protocols over the past year.

This increased adoption of the asset has also been reflected in the increased participation of institutional investors in XRP investment products. In addition, the report noted that the asset’s liquidity has remained strong, despite the turbulent market conditions.

Overall, the report serves as an indication that XRP remains an attractive asset for investors, despite the regulatory uncertainty that has surrounded the asset for the past year. It is also a sign that investors remain confident in the potential of the asset, even in the face of such uncertainty. As the asset continues to gain traction, it will be interesting to see if the current trend of increased investment in XRP investment products continues in the coming months.

The team behind Bitcoin Pro

Currently, numerous platforms for trading bitcoin are springing up like mushrooms. It is therefore difficult, especially for beginners, to keep track of them all. Since not all providers are reputable, the good platforms – such as Bitcoin Pro – get the attention they deserve. The principle behind the platform is very simple: a bot ensures that the investors’ money gradually increases through automatic trading.

Bitcoin Pro is one of the leading providers of bots. Satisfied investors all over the world would particularly like to emphasise that the use not only saves time, but is also easy and convenient. In general, the concept is convincing and has already established itself with many investors.

### Logo ###

How Bitcoin Pro works

The bot offered on this platform works thanks to an algorithm specially developed for this purpose. Current figures are used to calculate how the prices could develop in the near future. If the bot is correct with its calculation, investors can profit from the timely sale of the previously acquired cryptocurrency. Trading in Bitcoin could not be any easier. In addition, the bot ensures that live and fully automated trading takes place around the clock.

### Cryptocurrencies ###

The team behind Bitcoin Pro

People were at work here who understand something about artificial intelligence and of course about the financial market in general. There is no other way to explain why the Bitcoin Pro bot can boast such a high rate. It is currently not known who actually created the platform, but the results clearly speak for themselves. They must be experts who are concerned that beginners also receive support in trading.

### 3 steps ###

These opinions exist on the subject of Bitcoin Pro

There are both sceptics and supporters of the extremely successful provider. Of course, the enthusiasts are first and foremost the people who use the platform to make a continuous extra income. Especially for people without experience, this would not even be possible without a reliable bot. Accordingly, the platform enjoys a very good reputation among investors worldwide. Of course, profits are never guaranteed, but with Bitcoin Pro, even new investors have a good chance of success.

Advantages clearly outweigh disadvantages

The only disadvantage is that Bitcoin Pro is not yet available in all countries. However, this should not really bother successful investors from Germany.

One of the biggest advantages is that automatic trading can be realised with just a few clicks. Bitcoin Pro ensures that everyone can find their way around thanks to a clear interface. Here, you don’t need to have any in-depth knowledge of the software or the financial markets. Instead, trading is intuitive, fast and effortless.

Bitcoin Pro offers a demo account, which is especially useful for new investors. Anyone who wants to practice here first before he or she ventures into real money is well advised.

If the profits are needed quickly, Bitcoin Pro offers another big advantage over numerous competitors: Here, money is transferred promptly from A to B without customers having to wait a long time for the money. The flexible payment methods make it even more convenient to use.

A high level of transparency ensures that investors quickly gain confidence in Bitcoin Pro. Anyone who wants to know how much money has been won or lost immediately after registering can see this at just a glance. The summary at Bitcoin Pro is as good and clear as at hardly any other provider.

The conclusion to Bitcoin Pro

Subsequently, many investors and testers come to the conclusion that this is a suitable platform for automated trading with Bitcoin and other currencies. The functions work flawlessly and are easy to use – even without prior knowledge or a long training period. So if you want to start trading right away without wasting a lot of time, you can register here. Thanks to a low minimum deposit, you don’t even need a lot of money.

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La liquidez se hunde, la curva rompe el récord

Swerve tiene algunos problemas con el 80% de su liquidez que se desvanece prácticamente de la noche a la mañana tras un cambio en el peso entre los diferentes activos del fondo, llamado el parámetro A.

“Había un problema de fijación de la IAD que estaba vendiendo la IAD barata y estaba siendo arbolado. Así que tuvimos que arreglarlo para restablecer el equilibrio de la IAD en el fondo. Ahora, está en equilibrio”, dice un mod de Swerve.

Swerve bajó el factor A a 100, “lo que causó pérdidas menores en swUSD (~0,08%)”, por lo que los proveedores de liquidez se han ido en parte quizás porque ya no reciben dai barato y las recompensas simbólicas de Swerve ya no son las mismas que las del periodo de incentivo de dos semanas.

Swerve tenía unos 500 millones de dólares en liquidez hace dos semanas, ahora tiene menos de 100 millones de dólares en activos con unos 25 millones de dólares en volúmenes de comercio diarios.

Lo que es más, una propuesta para financiar el desarrollo está luchando para cumplir con el quórum con sólo el 8,3% de los votos, alrededor de la mitad del 15% requerido.

Esta propuesta añade un 0,01% de gastos administrativos para financiar el tesoro, sin los cuales no tendrían dinero para cosas básicas como los costes de alojamiento.

“Estamos teniendo algunos problemas para aprobar el quórum para la votación para aprobar la tesorería – presumiblemente muchos de los poseedores del veSWRV se fueron después de un período de incentivo de 2 semanas y ya no están incentivados para participar”, dice un Swerver.

Mientras tanto, en Curve es tiempo de fiesta con depósitos que se disparan a 1.6 billones de dólares, es el más alto de la historia.

Los volúmenes diarios en Curve han alcanzado los 350 millones de dólares. Eso es más de lo que se negocia en el Kraken o en muchas otras bolsas centralizadas de criptografía establecidas desde hace tiempo.

El precio de CRV también ha subido por una vez a 1,4 dólares desde aproximadamente 1,2 dólares hace un par de días con esto actualmente tiene un tope de mercado de sólo 80 millones de dólares con un suministro circulante de 55 millones de un suministro inicial de 1.300 millones.

En el suministro total probablemente está valorado apropiadamente en 4.700 millones de dólares, pero con volúmenes de 350 millones de dólares al día, sus ingresos podrían alcanzar los 500 millones al año que podrían ser gastados en la recompra de las fichas.

Lo que significa que a la oferta actual y a su ritmo de crecimiento, esto está probablemente infravalorado dependiendo, por supuesto, de lo que los poseedores de CRV planean hacer en cuanto a ingresos y beneficios y cómo debería ser gastado.

Mientras que para Swerve, si este quórum no pasa, entonces puede haber incertidumbre sobre sus operaciones futuras, siendo esto una copia bifurcada del Pool Y de Curve solamente.

Es la segunda bifurcación que ahora está teniendo problemas después de que el sushi fuera superado por el asombroso lanzamiento aéreo de Uniswap.

Verschieben Ihrer Musik aus iTunes heraus

Q. Ich möchte meine Musikbibliothek aus iTunes heraus übertragen. Was ist der einfachste und effektivste Weg, dies zu tun?

Ihre Musikbibliothek wird normalerweise in einem Ordner innerhalb des iTunes-Programmordners gespeichert.
Ihre Musikbibliothek wird in der Regel in einem Ordner innerhalb des iTunes-Programmordners gespeichert.
Impressum…Die New York Times
A. Das Programm iTunes von Apple dient unter anderem als Datenbank zum Sortieren und Organisieren Ihrer digitalen Mediensammlung. Die Dateien, aus denen diese Mediensammlung besteht, befinden sich jedoch hauptsächlich in einem Ordner namens iTunes Media (oder iTunes Music) auf dem Computer. Um die Musikbibliothek zu verschieben, müssen Sie nur den Ordner finden und auf die externe Festplatte oder den Cloud-Service, den Sie verwenden möchten, verschieben.


Lesen Sie die Hauptgeschichte weiter

Sofern Sie den Speicherort Ihres iTunes Music/Media-Ordners nicht geändert haben, finden Sie ihn in Ihrem Benutzerordner auf dem Computer. Auf einem Windows-PC sehen Sie in Meine Musik und dann im Ordner iTunes nach; auf einem Mac öffnen Sie den Ordner Musik und dann den Ordner iTunes.

Bevor Sie den Ordner an einen anderen Ort kopieren, sollten Sie sich jedoch vergewissern, dass alle im iTunes-Fenster aufgelisteten Dateien auch wirklich darin gespeichert sind. Öffnen Sie dazu iTunes, gehen Sie zum Menü “Datei”, wählen Sie “Bibliothek” und dann “Dateien konsolidieren”. Dadurch wird eine Kopie jeder Datei erstellt, die sich nicht bereits im iTunes-Ordner befindet. Wenn Sie den Unterordner iTunes Music öffnen, sollten Sie verschachtelte Ordner sehen, die die MP3-, AAC- und andere digitale Audiodateien enthalten, die Sie verwendet haben.

Vielen Dank für das Lesen der Times.

Abonnieren Sie The Times
Wenn Sie sicher sind, dass Sie alle Musikdateien in dem Ordner haben, können Sie ihn an Ihren neuen Speicherort ziehen, um ihn mit einem anderen Desktop-Jukebox-Programm, einer Medienserver-Software wie Plex oder einem Online-Musikfach wie Google Play Music Manager oder Amazon Music zu verwenden.

Denken Sie daran, dass iTunes-Dateien, die mit eingebautem Urheberrechtsschutz erworben wurden, möglicherweise nicht in einem anderen Programm abgespielt werden können, aber Titel, die Sie von Ihren eigenen CDs gerippt oder ohne Kopierbeschränkungen erworben haben, sollten in Ordnung sein, solange sie mit Ihrer neuen Software kompatibel sind.

Kissogram – She´s An Apple Pie

I wonder what they are doing these days, after all this time :)