• Despite the tumultuous market conditions, XRP investment products experienced record inflows of $433 million in 2022.
• Bitcoin’s inflows were the third-worst year with $287 million.
• Multi-asset investment products recorded inflows of $209 million.

Despite the intense market volatility in 2022, there was a surprising uptick in investment products involving the digital asset XRP. According to a recent report from CoinShares, the total inflow of XRP investment products was recorded at an impressive $433 million. This marks the highest level of inflow for XRP investment products since 2018, when the figure stood at $233 million.

In contrast, Bitcoin saw its third-worst year for inflows with a total of $287 million. This is after the asset plummeted by well over 60% earlier this year. Multi-asset investment products also saw a decline in inflow, recording only $209 million.

The report further noted that despite the tepid price action of the crypto-asset, investors remained optimistic and chose to tactically increase their positions during periods of price weakness. This is likely due to the continued development of the XRP ecosystem, which has seen the addition of new projects and protocols over the past year.

This increased adoption of the asset has also been reflected in the increased participation of institutional investors in XRP investment products. In addition, the report noted that the asset’s liquidity has remained strong, despite the turbulent market conditions.

Overall, the report serves as an indication that XRP remains an attractive asset for investors, despite the regulatory uncertainty that has surrounded the asset for the past year. It is also a sign that investors remain confident in the potential of the asset, even in the face of such uncertainty. As the asset continues to gain traction, it will be interesting to see if the current trend of increased investment in XRP investment products continues in the coming months.